Today might be the right time for me to at least update and write something on my blog, although the mind is so full with undone things, but the heart insists to express what should be expressed.

People may not understand the inside of me being here with those crowded negative vibes around me. I keep them very depths in the bottom of my heart because of the fact that I know people know nothing to help me out here. How I wish I could turn back the time when I was in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM) doing my foundation, Asasi has brought the best of me, with my pals, the environment, the lecturers, and everything, it was just perfect to me.

Nonetheless, humans, every single thing we go through in this cruel world, the bad things will always there behind the good one. I know I should not have dwelled on the past things, but there was the only time where I could be in such untroubled moments and I suppose I was the happiest person ever on that time. I WANT EVERYTHING BACK TO WHAT IT USED TO BE.

If only and if I had a time machine, how I wish I could change those malicious and abhorrence instruments back then, to be a thing where I can still live with, currently now. I should have studied hard and… well, and I should have put aside those shoddy moods and times with the wrong people. It is a mistake knowing the wrong person at the wrong time, he is in fact the wrong person per se. Being left behind among your peeps is just a bad feeling ever. Duh Farah, you gotta be grateful (at least) for what He has given…

Try not to chew the fat, yet still do. Farah stop!

P.S :
Whatever happens, always keep your despairing feelings nor emotions from others, especially your loved ones. Never ever let them see that you are depressed or unhappy.



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