A stranger, dad.

I believe we mortals have our own melancholy parts in life where sometimes we might not be able to tell people how bad it is or else we simply do not want people to know the real of being us.

I overheard this one quite sorrowful story from one of my best friends where she grew up in a single parent household. Her mother and father got divorced when she was seven years old, where she was not even capable to understand all such things, but now she does. She has never felt the love from a father, she had no idea why both of her parents have had to be separated, but then she always borne in mind that in every problem there must have a way of resolution and prolly that was the best and better way for both of her parents to get divorced. She always said that she does not know how to express the feelings of not having such a complete family.

Sometimes, she does feel bitter envy towards our friends as she might have a father but not a dad. Anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad. After her parents divorced, she and her siblings would have still visited their father on weekends. Nevertheless, as they grew older, he slowly drifted away from her and the family. Until one day, he packed up all his belongings and moved to another state without even a ‘goodbye’. She was about only five year-old little girl at that time. From then on she and her family never heard anything from him, not even with a simple birthday card. It’s been over decade her father left her and the family, so for the majority of the crucial developmental times of her youth, she had no father.

As we all know, growing up fatherless brings its own set of difficulties for boys as for her brother. Raising children is not easy, even for couples. Her mother went through a critical moment when she and her siblings were in the process of growing up. She had to bear the burden of taking both responsibilities, being a mother and a father, all alone. I feel sorry for her mom -sighs. She has sacrificed a lot for her kids. However, she managed to take really good care of her children and she still does.

Further, she also told us that every time there was a meeting with parents at school, her mom was often unable to attend. She did know that her mom has been really busy with her work and stuff. But then, seeing other friends coming with their parents had made her felt very anomalous and envy, due to the fact that she has no ‘perfect’ family as them.

I quote this statement and keep it in the mind, ‘Everything happens for a reason, there is always a silver lining behind everything. Just wait for the good things to happen in your life’. I will ensure that my kids in the future will never feel the same way as my unfortunate friend. Because I literally understand and I know it feels suck.

Luckily, I have realised that no one is going to hand me my dreams or what I need in life and in light of the fact that I ought to go out there and capture it myself. A superhero does not really mean or refer to a man or a father. It can be a mother as well. I am proud to say that my mother is my superhero, and my father can be the sidekick? Maybe. She is the one who could protect me very well, give all her love, giving naps, teaching and stuff, and other life skills. Anyone can get pregnant or adopt child but it takes a real time of hard working and commitment to be a mother. I know, without my mom standingĀ behind me to support and lying beside me to comfort me, I am so gonna live my life with full of dark and out of track. I am proud to say that my mother is the Superhero in my real and fairytale world. Always her. All begins and ends here.



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