The dead of night.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of society, friends, family, loved ones, faith, believers, disbelievers. I’m tired of listening to accusations, abuse, intolerance, nonacceptance, hatred for one another, war, violence. Everything that this world has become. I’m tired of all the non-nonsensical lies, misquotations, and closed mindedness. I’m tired of people forcing rules and regulations upon those who think differently of others. I’m tired that people tell me that I need to condone daesh. I’m tired of the government stating opinions as if they’re facts. I’m tired of our media blanketing our eyes with propaganda bullshit. I’m tired of politicians always boasting about freedoms, but we all know that there is no such thing called freedom anymore. I’m tired that I’m powerless. I’m tired that rich people are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I’m tired that the middle class is slowly shrinking out of existence. I’m tired that education is no longer a priority, that it is 3rd best with entertainment first and sports second. I’m tired that we are no longer great as a nation when it came down to Science and Math. I’m tired that we don’t push our space programs to be the best. Nowadays, education was never a thing. I’m tired that we’re mocked as a nation being seen as a backwards nation. I’m tired of police brutality. I’m tired of the whole blacklivesmatter movement. I’m tired of the world is no longer safe. I’m tired that universal health care is not a thing. I’m tired that this government takes and takes, but never gives, never… I’m tired that we bailed out the auto and bank industry. I’m tired that we push pharmaceuticals that does more harm to the body than help. I’m tired that medications cost an arm and a leg per pill because they are the cure. I’m tired that books are no longer a substance of pleasure. I’m tired of the constant need to be connected. I’m tired of the horribleness this world has to offer. I’m tired of worthless paper we call degrees that has a random chance of success to find a career or a job. I’m tired of the people who cry wolf all the time. I’m just tired of life in general. *SIGHS

I just need a break from life.



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