It is absolutely fine to feel depressed sometimes. We are humans and that is why we experience so many different sentiments and this is one of it. One knows of highs only when he has been in lows. But it is also important that you want yourself out if this pit of depression. It is just like trash pit or dungeon. If you remain their fir long people start throwing waste on you and gradually you start stinking. Now this situation becomes so irritated that you want to come out if it. You will find people in your life who are there to help you. They are the passerby in your life but each has a purpose. Some are well wishers like your parents and some are otherwise.

If you really want to come out of depression, then stop avoiding them. You gotta have a real talk with them about those unsettle matters. Establish a communion with them. Talk to them. At least answer them, if you don’t want to initiate a talk. Further, you might as well need to establish a communion with yourself and observe it from far just as a spectator then see if there is really a depressant in your life?

The best thing about life is that, it is like a puzzle. Each situation is a puzzle and the puzzle is thrown to us according to our caliber of solving it. You are a brave person so perhaps you are coming across some tough puzzles but these came in your life because you are capable of solving them. How well? It depends on your dedication. There is only one thing on this earth that does not have a solution and which is not a solution of anything. Death.

If you lose someone due to rough talk, you can persuade them later but if you lose one due to death, then it is irrevocable. Man’s birth is a miracle, because it holds the power of creating further miracles and cutting cord of your life is nothing new. It is no science so eliminate this option. You are born on some purpose. You have your part to play. Prove yourself the best actor and leave the stage when your part is over otherwise you are just another quitter.

Make each day count.


Love and laugh.

Smile more often.

Say hello to strangers.

Listen to those who have something to share.

Spread affection and smile.

This upward curve is infectious.

So that,

I can see you smile 🙂



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