Vida Escolar.

I had just woken up, it was late
Wandering around looking for morning snacks
Which I found none in the kitchen

Mom and dad weren’t there too
Left my curiosity just at the door
Insisted not to get carried away with my inquisitiveness
Without any further delays
Grabbed my towel to get my body pruned up

As usual, those snobbish prefects were standing still whilst getting themselves ready to close the gate
Accompanied with their malicious grin and glance

Pessimist thoughts about their smirk differed the shades of meaning running through in my mind
Had caught me chasing like a fool before the gate closes
Only then I realised life could hardly be more austere

Sitting on the chair
Lying my head off
Nothing more nor less in my logical faculty indicates that being a student is delighted and untroubled

I was still young to give a hoot about life
People used to say “young yet not dumb”
Witty and peculiar, isn’t it?

None of questions asked by the teacher had received even a single response from the pupils
Prolly, they were distracted by such an enjoyable imagination of their own

Others were yelling happily as the bell rang loudly
Had gotten myself into the line of thoughts of some cartoons and toys await

Reminiscing my vida escolar was sorta crestfallen, to boot with gratitude

My very first poem in English, eventually. I had never thought I could write poems in English, because literature ain’t my forte though.

Thanks to my dear Qun, for giving a thought of creating and writing it in the first place.



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