Even though, how many times I spit those harsh words to you, it doesn’t seem to affect you at all. And although, how many times I say sorry, it also doesn’t seem to make things right back again, as it used to be. Yes, it’s not fair to point a finger or put the blame on you solely. I have to admit mine as well, anyhow.

In spite of that, you and I both know that, it just did not work out for both of us anymore. Perhaps, we’re really not meant for each other, no fate to meet or see you in person too. But, how I wish I could tell you straight in front of your nose, that I’ve been longing for you, real bad and abhor you at the same time. It is simply in between.

I thought I could be able to leave my feelings far from reality. But it stays at the door, I hope I won’t open it for you, no more. Because you seem fine without me.

You didn’t leave me with pure love, it is not bruises on the body that hurt, it is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind, because the pain comes all from you.

Someone that I thought, trust and honesty are his priorities. Unfortunately, I was wrong… or perhaps I was and still am being too guarded and protective towards myself, alone. Confused.

Wish we could turn back time to the good old days. But, when silence is the only answer. It’s over.




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