Don’t move too fast, too soon. Pace yourself, darling.

“Acting like you don’t have a heart is not going to stop you from hurting. In fact, you’re just devaluating your self worth. You are not that person. Be who you were, be who you truly are. How can you allow someone to change that?
You are stronger than that. You know you are.”


Be loving, understanding, caring, to have empathy, a kind heart, be quick to forgive, to share and to give, etc. Live life knowing that you gave your best to every person you met. Some people will value you, some won’t. Some will want to get to know you, some won’t. That doesn’t reflect on who you are as a person, but rather than on how they perceive things and where they are in life. Plenty of people are not ready. Not ready to see your worth but that does not mean that you’re not worthy. Not ready to love but doesn’t mean that you can’t show them what love is. Not even ready to appreciate the good that you do for them but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.

Do all of those things anyway, because at the end of the day. You’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for you.

A letter for myself because writing is the only way how I express my emotions.



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